AI Beacons zwischen Kampfgruppen verschieben+Effekte des nicht-trooper-seins *gelöst*
Um es kurz zu halten, IJW und ich hatten die Unterhaltung über das wording aus template weapons und deployable equipment, hier die finale Aussage:

Moi: so targeted and affected are the same thing?

IJW: Yes.

Although it's not explicitly called out in the main template rules, it's backed up by the example "Teardrop Impact Template example. All targets react by Shooting" where troopers who aren't the main target are described as targets, the way Camouflaged state and it's FAQ for being affected when hitting a non-Camouflaged trooper is worded, and the FAQ for Direct Template Weapons in ARO, where you have to reach the active trooper for the template to work.

Don't get me wrong, 'trooper' vs 'non-trooper' is a mess, but in this case we've got text explicitly stating that you can attack it.
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