New pre-painted bases for Infinity from Secret Weapon
New pre-painted bases for Infinity from Secret Weapon

The American company has designed a set of full-color scenic bases, ready for use in the wargame Infinity.They can be acquired exclusively through a Kickstarter campaign.

Bueu, March 10th, 2020 - Corvus Belli and Secret Weapon Miniatures have signed a collaboration agreement, making them part of Corvus Belli’s partners family. The goal is to design and manufacture Infinity-compatible, high quality scenic bases in full color. These bases are an official Corvus Belli product.
The bases may already be acquired through Secret Weapon Miniatures Kickstarter campaign:

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The Secret Weapon HD Bases are full-color, textured 3D prints created inside of a HIPS hollow blank base -- giving you a ready-to-use base right out of the bag, in the same plastic you'd find with your new model purchase. Our designs combine popular themes with techniques, such as OSL, that require significant time investments for basing. With the inclusion of the official Infinity artwork, we can now match your base to your gaming mat... and, yes, there is a 55mm base option.

For Corvus Belli, this customization option means giving the Infinity player base a great option to make theme armies. Besides, as pointed by Belén Moreno, Marketing and Partner Strategy Manager, “time investment is greatly reduced, since the base is ready to be pinned.”

Bringing the incredible art of Operation Icestorm, Operation Red Veil, Operation Coldfront, and Operation Wildfire to their HD bases is a true honor for Secret Weapon and they can’t wait to see the combination of mats and bases on the gaming tables.
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