Tactica: Dodge in, Dodge out, shake it all about.
"This Common Skill allows the user to attempt to evade an Attack against him. It also gives the user the opportunity to move a short distance as an ARO."<br/>
Of all these skills, Dodge is the premier option for avoiding incoming fire. It can only be used if the trooper has Line of Fire (LoF) to an enemy or is being attacked by a template weapon, and it opposes all incoming weapon attacks (i.e. not Comms/Hacking Attacks) either as a Face to Face roll or as a Normal roll (vs Direct Template Weapons). It doesn't help against Hacking/Comms attacks however as you need to Reset against those instead.<e>

<URL url="http://www.lead-rising.com/2016/12/tactica-dodge-in-dodge-out-shake-it-all.html?m=1"><s>[url]</s><LINK_TEXT text="http://www.lead-rising.com/2016/12/tact ... l.html?m=1">http://www.lead-rising.com/2016/12/tactica-dodge-in-dodge-out-shake-it-all.html?m=1</LINK_TEXT><e>[/url]</e></URL></r>
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