Satellites: Rocket to the Interplanetario
Zitat:An article by Juan "HellLois" Lois
During Season 9 a total of fifteen Satellite Tournaments were held all around the world.
All of them were huge Infinity Tournaments where, despite all that was at stake, a good environment of fun was the norm. I have attended some Satellites as a guest and some others as a player and I have been able to check that for myself.
Simply put, it is a unique experience, highly recommended to any Infinity fan.
With the upcoming start of Season 10 and being the tenth ITS anniversary, we not only want to look for new Satellite tournaments but also, to fire up the Rocket.
But, what is the Rocket? The Rocket is a tournament chosen amongst all the selected Satellites, in which the winner will not only get a spot at the Interplanetario, but also Corvus Belli will pay all the travel expenses and accommodation during the event days.
Now we open the forms to make your tournament a Satellite, or for it to earn the status of being the Rocket. From today until September the 13th you can send in your requests to this email address:
You must include:
  • Name of the organizer.
  • Country and city where it will take place.
  • Dates of the tournament
  • Number of players estimated (Tournaments must have at least 40 plus players to be considered).
  • Brief summary of your experience organizing events (Previous events organized will be taken into account).
  • Why your tournament should be a Satellite
This season we will try to select tournaments that cover the following dates, to avoid two Satellite tournaments being held too close together during the year.
  • September-October
  • November-December
  • January-February
  • March-April
  • May-June
Once the request deadline is over, all the proposals will be taken into consideration and twelve new Satellite tournaments will be announced during the week of September 24th.
Remember that the Satellite tournaments will have a special K and the winners will have a reserved spot to participate in Interplanetario VI, in addition to special support from Corvus Belli.
It’s time to set the date and send your request. Don’t miss this chance!

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