[TTS] 1. Narrative European Team-TTS-Event
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Hello everyone,

since many tournaments all over Europe with a lot of space to meet new and old friends are cancelled this year, I want to provide an opportunity for everyone based in Europe to get into contact and have some games of Infinity:
The 1. Narrative European Team-TTS-Event!

Here is the important information:
Start: 13.07.2020
End: 11.10.2020
Rounds: Four rounds (Decapitation, Hunting Party, Transmission Matrix, Looting & Sabotaging) with ITS 11 and N3 rules. Three weeks per round.
Teams & Pairings: To participate, you will have to group up in teams of three. Pairings will be done before each round by the total Team-score (TP, OP, VP).
Lists & Add-ons: Two lists per participant of the same sectorial, entered before round 1 starts. We will play with the "Tactical Window"-Add on.
Prizes & Entry fee: Nothing and nothing, except for new contacts and a late summer full of interesting games.
Communication: There will be a Discord-server for all internal communication, pairings, maps and everything else. You recieve the invitation after your registration.
Registration: In the best case, you first gather your team, then send an e-mail to capo.paint@gmail.com, including your team-name, the team-captain, the members with the next bigger town nearby and the nation, and the played factions. If you can't gather two other guys, you can still register and we will see, if there are other participants without a team.
Requirements: Being located somewhere over Europe (maximum of +/-2h to CEST), time to get at least one game in during three weeks, a Discord-account, the TTS with the current Infinity-mod.

Why only Europe: To keep things simpler and to create connections easier to maintain in the future on real tournaments. Mainly this shall be a measure to strengthen the European community a bit more. If there is interest in other regions of the world, feel free to copy things and contact me for other ressources!
Why three weeks per round: There will be holidays all over Europe in this period and everyone may have some days off with their families and so on. So three weeks should guarantee that everybody will be able to get his game done in time. If everyone finishs earlier, we will continue earlier. At least there will be enough time to practice and make your team as good as possible!
How to deal with the N4-change: N4 and the new ITS-season will be released somewhere during the event. To keep things streamlined, N3-rules will be endured for the whole event. To make sure that a new infinity-army won't cut the needed ressources, the lists need to be created in advance and should be saved as PDF for each player.

Team system: Only teams will be paired officially, based on their total scoring in tournament points, objective points and victory points. After the pairing is announced, the captains of each team coordinate the individual pairings following this protocol: Captains make a WIP13 FtF with D20. Winner Chooses if he is team A or team B.
Captain A chooses player 1A to the game
Captain B chooses player 1B to play against 1A
Captain A chooses table S1 for match 1A-1B
Captain B chooses player 2B to the game
Captain A chooses player 2A to play against 2B
Captain B chooses table S2 for match 2A-2B
Players 3A i 3B play on table S3.
(credits to @konuhageruke )

There will be a narrative behind the event, which is actually in progress, done by @AssaultUnicorn . The story per round will be released with the beginning of each round.

I am hoping for a funny event with a lot of nice games and new contacts for everyone. If things are unclear or questions left open, feel free to contact me!

Best regards
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